SUPERE is a Portuguese brand resulting from a dream and a need to create a unique sustainable activewear and lifestyle brand. Workout ready designed for everyday movement and every body type, for the modern, elegant and conscious woman.

Our pieces have the softest touch, simplistic lines and are very versatile. Designed for the gym and beyond, for all body types and purposes. Designer and produced in Portugal, with no waste and using recycled fabrics. Made to last.

The Founder, Mafalda Sena, 34 years old, architect and passionate about a healthy and active lifestyle.
In 2017 she created an Instagram account called Senasaudaveis with the goal of inspiring and motivating people to have a healthier lifestyle and help simplify their daily lives by sharing practical, healthy and... delicious recipes! All this combined with a physical exercise routine that is also practical and adapted to a stressful life full of commitments!

Now a proud mom to little Amelia, Mafalda has found inspiration in the beautiful bond between mother and daughter.